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Nissan Motors To Halt Its Car Production

Japanese Company, Nissan Motors, the second biggest automobile manufacturing company in Japan has suspended its car productions in the country. The suspension is implemented on all six assembly plants of Nissan Motors. The reason for it is that the company is looking into an issue of misconduct in the final inspection system of its cars.

This news has come up after Nissan Motors already recalled its 1.2 million vehicles for re-inspection.

The issue came up earlier in October when Japan transport ministry unveiled that not certified technicians at Nissan’s production plant were using the official stamp of the company to complete the final inspection of vehicles. This stamp was allowed to only certified technicians.

The company took a step to end it but third-party investigators found out that this misconduct was still present in three Japanese pants of Nissan Motors. Therefore Nissan decided to halt its car production for time being.

Instead of making a whole scene of the critical situation, Nissan admitted that some of the staff who were not granted permission did the final inspection on vehicles for their domestic market. CEO of the company Hiroto Saikawa also admitted at failing to resolve this issue and thus taking this step.

Some time ago Kobe Steel the third biggest steel-making company in Japan self-confessed that it submitted false data related to the quality of steel and products it sold globally for last ten years. Now it must be taken in to account that Kobe Steel used to sell its products to highly sensitive companies where security is essential for example airplane production companies. After this news was revealed the company’s shares fell and it had to suffer a lot. Two big incidents of two big Japanese manufacturers back to back is not a great sign for Japan and its market. Is it the pressure of emergence of Chinese brands or just coincidences and staff issues, let time decide.

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