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Niqab Ban in Govt. Offices; Indonesian Minister Proposes

niqab ban

Fachrul Razi—the Religious Minister of Indonesia has proposed to impose a ban on the niqab in the government offices.

During a discussion with the religious Islamic leader on Wednesday in Central Jakarta, the minister said that the government might impose a limited ban on wearing the niqab for security concerns.

He was quoted as saying by the CNN Indonesia that there might be some further measures taken but they are not barring the niqab immediately, they are looking into placing a ban on people wearing them from entering into the government institutions especially in light of the attack on Wiranto a while back.

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He was indicating towards the assassination attempt on the ex-chief security minister previously this month by 2 Islamic State-linked militants.

The minister on justifying the suggestion said that niqab is often mistaken as a religious requirement when it is a tradition passed down by the certain tribes of Middle East.

He said that they want to convey that niqab is not a measure of one’s religiousness or devotion. The Ulema Council of Indonesia—MUI has warned the government not to start a controversy with the suggested ban. It said that the constitution of Indonesia safeguards the citizens’ right to uphold their religious beliefs.

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