Nintendo Switch Gets ‘Almost Impossible’ No Man’s Sky Port

The space sandbox game No Man’s Sky started six years ago and the initial problems have long been forgotten. The sci-fi game has a loyal following and they are now getting a version for the Nintendo Switch. At the time, No Man’s Sky was mainly struggling with technical problems. Developer Hello Games was not deterred by the sometimes very loud criticism and worked patiently to fix it.

More than that, the game has since expanded to include several free content packs, and today there is nothing left of the initial excitement. It remains to be seen whether the version of the Nintendo Switch will remain that way because the hybrid console is certainly quite a challenge due to various hardware limitations. Anyway, Hello Games today announced that the Switch version will be released on October 7, so with a slight delay: “For the first time, millions of Switch users on the go can experience No Man’s Sky – an entire universe in the palm of your hand. .”

Tour de force for Hello Games

“Having No Man’s Sky on this tiny handheld device feels both completely natural and utterly improbable,” said Sean Murray, CEO of Hello Games. “It was a real achievement for our small team. No Man’s Sky is based on procedural generation, meaning the console generates everything you see.

That makes it so much harder to bring our game to something like the Switch, but I don’t think this team is ever happier than trying to do nearly impossible things.” The Switch version offers almost all the content available on other systems, at least those that came out in mid-2021. That means all expansions up to and including the “Prisms” update. Since then, there have been three updates to other systems, “Frontiers”, “Sentinel”, and “Outlaws”.