Nintendo Super Switch Information Leaked With New Nvidia T239 processor

There are currently some rumors about a new next-generation Nintendo Switch console. To be more precise, it is about the processor developed by Nvidia, which is said to have the internal designation “T239”. We also have some information on this subject.

Reddit user bumped into for hints, according to which Nintendo and Nvidia have recently been in contact with the Linux kernel development community to in turn integrate support for a new Nvidia chip, more commonly known as the T239. With the support for the Nvidia T239 by the Linux kernel, which ultimately serves as the basis for Nintendo’s own operating system for the switch game consoles, an important step is taken towards the availability of finished products, they say. In the course of this, some new information about the chip is said to have become known.

Cores Reduced To Eight Instead of Twelve

There is talk that the new chip comes with a single cluster of eight ARM Cortex-A78AE-based CPU cores. Previously there was talk of 12 cores. In addition, the chip is said to feature a GPU from Nvidia’s “Ampere” family, which is said to have 2048 CUDA cores, which would enable up to 4 TeraFLOPs of performance, the sources continue. That would be a 10x increase over the current Switch console.

The previously allegedly planned four power-saving cores of the T239, which were mentioned in previous rumors, are apparently no longer part of the design. It is conceivable that Nvidia abandoned these plans in order to either speed up development or enable a more compact chip design.

The Nvidia developer platform for the T239 is called ‘Carpa X1’

As for the T239’s codename, here’s the leaker speaking Kopite7kimi from the fact that the designation “Black Knight” is the “code name of the code name”. We recently encountered the term “Carpa X1” in relevant sources. This is apparently a hardware-based developer platform from Nvidia, which is already using the T239 SoC to take the first steps towards software development for the new chip.

However, this would also mean that Nvidia already has at least samples of the T239 “Black Knight” with the help of which buyers of the chip such as Nintendo and their developers can already deal with the new platform. It is still completely unclear when the next generation of Nintendo game consoles will come onto the market. The games company has already made it clear several times that no further switch hardware is to be expected in this fiscal year, which ends in March 2023.