Nintendo Is Planning To Launch 3 Mobile Games Every Year


Nintendo is a big name in gaming industry but Nintendo is generally known as conventional gaming company and had a great share in the market with conventional gaming consoles.

But now Nintendo seems to be changing its market strategy, On Wednesday Nintendo Co ltd. said that the company plans to release 2 to 3 mobile games every year. Investors were disappointed on the cut the company was demanding which was one-third of the total operating profit. The market is quite lucrative and Nintendo is expected to grow its market share with this strategy aiming at producing more mobile games each year.

While the announcement of business strategy and new SWITCH game console which is expected to release by March this year, Tatsumi K president of Nintendo Co Ltd said, “We have 70 game developers who will develop 100 games for our switch game console”

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This was the new addition to game developers as well as the number of games because, the company previously said to have 50 game developers that will make 80 titles for the console.

Super Mario Run in 2016 was the first game that Nintendo published in Mobile storefronts and had a great success in gaming market. Nintendo currently has not released Android version but it is expected to come in early 2017.


Image via: Nintendo-europe