Nintendo Advises Customers Not To Remove The Screen Protector From Switch OLED

Nintendo switch OLED

With the Switch OLED model, there is a change to a screen that is protected with glass. Nintendo attaches a screen protector ex-works. As the company emphasizes, no attempts should be made to remove them. Here is the motto: Two is better.

Screen Protector Protects The Glass

Both the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite were delivered without a protective film on the display, as the display technology used is sealed with a plastic layer. With the change to OLED, the new switch model comes with a cover made of glass. In order to protect users in the event of possible breakage of the display and to prevent scratches, Nintendo applies for an “anti-splinter protective film” ex works.

The launch of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold devices impressively demonstrated that it can be appropriate to warn users not to remove this type of pre-installed protective film. And in this case, too, Nintendo emphasizes to IGN that it is better to keep your hands off unauthorized film removal with the Switch OLED model. “We ask you not to remove the anti-splinter protective film from the console’s OLED screen,” said a company spokesman with a reference to the relevant passage in the operating instructions.

Second protection over it

For everyone who would still like to install their own screen protector, the company has a clear recommendation: two are better than one. According to Nintendo, another film can simply be stuck over the existing protection without causing any problems with the function. In addition to many third-party dealers, the company itself also offers a corresponding package with a carrying bag and a suitable additional protective film.