Nine Startups Get Recognition In Plan9’s 10th Launchpad

Nine Startups that won in Plan9’s 10th Launchpad were BagAdverts, Studentary, Foodappa, RC Health Care, Nazdeeq, TeamUp, Virtual Eye, Noerric and Her Ground.

CEO and founder of Studentary, Laraib Ali talked on the occasion and said that their startup I about purchasing and then selling an old book. Those books that we dump in the garbage could be sold to a buyer who has need of it via this Startup.

The project was tested before in five universities that are UMT, FC, LUMS, LSE, and UCP. After a successful pilot project, the incubator would launch itself in August.

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Also, the CEO added that Plane9, the biggest technology incubator would provide their Startup an opportunity to reach out to the masses. It would aid them to achieve the mission of selling old books. Laraib said that they would be mentored by the experts in Plane9 after which they would spread Pakistan’s name at international level.
When the project was tested in LUMS, LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship invested in the project to present it at a bigger level.

In last five years, Punjab Information Technology Board has promoted 160 Startups by investing $3.8 million and has got revenue of $3.6 million.

The other Startups that won are also working on unique ideas. Foodappa is a startup that will use technology to improve what people eat and how they live. Virtual Eye is working on Virtual reality, to enhance technological growth in the country. Similarly, Startups to improve health care, empower women are all trying to bring something new and exciting for the people.

PITB Chairman Dr. Umar Saif talked at the concluding ceremony of Plan9’s10th Launchpad, he said that they received 1000 applications out of which hundred were shortlisted and then through a competition nine won for the 10th Launchpad for incubation. He further said that through their platform many dreams have fulfilled and many would in near future. Plan9 provides the needed platform that would spread Pakistan’s positive image worldwide.