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Nike Presents Plus Size Mannequins

plus size mannequins

Nike has recently presented para-sport and plus size mannequins. The move has impressed many.

In trying to make the products more diverse, the brand took a step towards inclusivity after it reinvented the women wear that looks after the different types of bodies as well as various workouts.

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In a press release, Nike said that as per CNN, for celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of sports, space would not just celebrate the domestic elite and grassroots performers via the visual content, but also represents the Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time and that also on retail prices.

Previously, many of the British fashion brands introduced mannequins belonging to different ethnic groups, some mannequins even had freckles and stretch marks.

It is not clear how extensively Nike intends to use the plus size and para-sport mannequins.

Nike introduces its plus size wear in the year 2017.

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