Nigeria Seeks to Acquire JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan – Research Snipers

Nigeria Seeks to Acquire JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan

In order to enhance its defence capabilities, Nigeria seeks to acquire JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan. This development was disclosed by the Defense Advisor Brigadier General of Nigeria Nasiru Usman Mukhtar. While addressing a reception at the Nigerian Embassy, he revealed this. In order to honor the Nigerian Armed Force Day the event was held. 

Usman Mukhtar said that the Nigerian Armed Forces has collaborated with different friendly nations in order to create a serene and prosperous environment. Furthermore he clearly stated that in this regard, the Pakistan Armed Forces is an important ally.

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The event was attended by reputable journalists, ambassadors, high commissioner officers, senior officials, Pakistan Armed Forces, defense advisors along with other attendees.

The guest of honor Vice Admiral Ather Mukhtar said that there is a cordial relation between Pakistan and Nigeria. He further highlighted that the Nigerian forces took part in joint drills with Pakistan and again they will take part in the joint training to be held in 2019.

According to Mukhtar, the joint exercises provide an opportunity to learn and grow from each other with experience. He said that since 1960s, defense cooperation has been going on between Pakistan and Nigeria.

Both the countries collaborated indifferent sectors including on NN, NA, and Nigerian Armed Forces platforms.

In order to facilitate the operation against Boko Haram insurgents, Pakistan cooperated with Nigeria.