NHS might reward you with Gym membership and free Cinema tickets

Well, sounds really good if you can get a free gym membership and free cinema tickets to watch some latest movies on your weekends, but you might need to go extra mile to get it, the way life insurance companies pursue to adopt healthy lifestyle and look into fitness trackers and wearables, NHS is now pondering to launch a scheme that would reward you with discounts on shopping, fitness gears, gym membership and free Cinema tickets if you are an active participant—according to Huffington post.

Since, NHS’s focus is to bring improvement in health & care sector, reduce the costs, improve the quality of life, manage diseases with early diagnosis and intervention, the purpose of the program is to encourage people to adopt healthy life style which would eventually reduce the pressure on the National Health Service and help her to make decisions on resource allocation more efficiently.

Launched last year, the proposal consists of winning bid in NHS England’s “Healthy New Town’s Program”. The program would track the activity and exercise through an app which would encourage people to hit the targets and get rewarded.

NHS is also working with housing developers with an aim to create healthy urban design and planning at the heart of the city.

The reward scheme is one of the several schemes developed by city planning researchers for Halton Lea area in Cheshire.

Other schemes in the plan include public gyms, jogging tracks marked on pavements, healthy cooking lessons, outdoor cinemas, free bicycles and community spaces to encourage people to get off their couches and socialize.


The final decision on the proposal and schemes in Halton Lea area is expected to be revealed in January, the idea is in the discussion phase at the moment. The activity and exercise based programs need retail partners to get on board, but that’s not something which is hard to manage.

Similar types of the scheme also exist in various organizations, insurers already offer discounts on the products which could help the client in staying healthy.