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NHA to Modify Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road

National Highway Authority (NHA) has pursued applications for getting the consultancy services for the design review and the supervision of the construction activities related to the remodelling of the Rawalpindi to Kahuta road which includes a four-lane bridge passing over the Sihala Railway Pass, Kahuta Bypass and Sihala Bypass.

As per one of the officials of the National Highway Authority, the authority plans on engaging a consultant, an engineering company or an organization for the purpose.

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The Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road is the shortest path that facilitates the traffic coming from Rawlakot in Azad Jammu Kashmir to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

On the Sihala pass at the Railway Crossing, there is always the issue of a traffic jam because of the continuous railway circulation. Additionally, the steep slopes near Kahuta are the most problem causing for the heavy vehicles.

The main basic objective behind this project is to reduce the tremendous transportation cost that is experienced by heavy traffic and to decrease the transportation time for the perishable items and agricultural products, other than the objective of controlling the traffic.

The NHA official informed that the pre-proposal conference for the project is likely to happen on the 23rd February at 11 am in the Federal Capital at the NHA Auditorium.

Completed proposals with details in all respects could be submitted to the authority in sealed envelopes by the 8th of March.

Technical proposals would be checked on the same day around noon, while the financial proposals would be opened only after the finalization of the technically qualified companies, the official added.

It is important to mention that the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on an occasion at Kahuta back in November 2016, while addressing a public gathering made the announcement about this project.

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