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NGOs Promise to Rearrange Peshawar Women’s Cycle Rally

women’s cycle rally

The organizers of the first ever women’s cycle rally in Peshawar have promised to rearrange the event in a month or two after taking the consent of the different religious and political leaders.

The rally which was scheduled on Saturday at the Hayatabad sports complex, was annulled after the opposition from some religious-political parties.

While speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club, Ms Zartasha Jamal—the CEO of the Pak Development Mission, 1 among the 3 NGOs arranging the event, blamed the co-organiser Zmung Jwandun of leaking information regarding the rally, which was supposed to be kept in secret for avoiding any kind of criticism.

She blamed that the information about the rally was leaked by Ms. Wafa Wazir which not just placed the lives of the rally’s participant in risk, however also led to the event cancellation owing to threats by clerics.

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She said that they have gotten the no-objection certificates from the concerned departments and Hayatabad police has also given assurance of providing fool proof security to the rally participants. She added that the objective of the event was to present a soft and positive image of the province globally.

She urged that her NGO has joined hands with the Zmung Jwandum NGO which is not registered with the concerned government department for encouraging it to serve the cause of women.

An official of the Pak Development Mission said that the cycle rally was a symbolic event within a distance of 3 kilometres for encouraging the girl students to take part in the various activities.

He added that the legal counsel of the NGO was also engaged in taking permission for the rally from the court.

The Peshawar cycle rally was canceled because Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamaat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl protested against it and warned of serious consequences if the rally was arranged.

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