Neymar’s new hairstyle looks like noodles in FIFA World Cup 2018

It seems Neymar is focusing more on styling rather than the game in FIFA world cup 2018, the last 1-1 draw game with Switzerland raises so many fingers at the performance of the world’s number 3 player. But Neymar should be praised for such an organic hairstyle.

Neymar in his first game against Switzerland yesterday could not produce the game was expected from fans around the world. The player might be focused more on hairstyle rather than the game, noodles like hairstyle not going to help to be more successful and loved in the soccer world.

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The player might be advertising for a company that produces noodles could be a reason for that hairstyle and he might be making good money out of it, who knows the prize money will come to Brazil’s way but making money with advertisement would be a better choice with no significant effort.

Since it’s a joke that Neymar is advertising for Noodles Company but it could be a good idea for advertisers around the world. Neymar along with his hairstyle could serve their purpose on social media and various internet marketing campaigns.

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