Newly Inaugurated Shelter Home in Islamabad Already Getting Huge Donations

newly inaugurated shelter home

The newly inaugurated shelter home in Islamabad is getting tons of donations by people. The shelter homes were inaugurated by the prime minister on Wednesday. One of the shelter homes was opened in the Tarlai area while the other one was inaugurated in the I-11/4 sector of the federal capital. The total capacity of the two shelter homes is of 300 beds.

 The shelter home has initiated the sweet gesture of providing food and temporary shelter to the homeless people and to the people who are unable to afford the temporary accommodation in the capital city of Pakistan.

The shelter home has covered all the basic necessities of the poor homeless people from food to clean toilets and warm beds.

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It has been just 3 days to the launch of the shelter homes, and people of the city have come forward with the decision of providing stuff and donating basic commodities for making the life of the panagah residents more comfortable and easier.

The donated items include the chaarpais, woollen caps and socks, chairs, tables, LED screens and more. In addition to this, the ICRC has also given the donation of an additional ambulance for making sure that the people get to the hospital in case of an emergency on time.

This indeed is a very positive thing and it is anticipated that the same be observed by the entire nation. Presently, the shelter homes are already functioning in the cities of Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore.

For making donations to the shelter home, one could directly contact the Chief Commissioner Islamabad on the following number:

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