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New Variety of Rickshaws Seen on the Streets of Rawalpindi

New Variety of Rickshaws

A unique variety of rickshaws was seen on the streets of Rawalpindi.

These rickshaws have got a body of iron. Their outer covering is beautified with orange and black colour. It is equipped with LED lights both on the interior and exterior side of the rickshaw.

This rickshaw is different from the already available rickshaws that are seen on the streets of Rawalpindi. These rickshaws differ in terms of their size, colour, beautification and lightening with which it is decorated.

This rickshaw is not less than any fancy ride and that too at affordable rates.

The new rickshaw variant not just keeps the environment clean as it does not emit any smoke, thus not adding more to the pollution also it has no sound like that of the typical contemporary rickshaws.

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This rickshaw is covered and protected from all sides thus preventing from cold and rain.

The owner of this rickshaw, Banaras, holds high regards for his vehicle and says that he is completely comfortable with it.

This rickshaw is of 200cc and offers rides at nominal rates. It does not charge excessively although it offers ease and comfort of travelling more than the traditional rickshaws that are normally seen on the roads.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, the Commissioner of Karachi has announced that the registration for the second Commissioner Karachi City Marathon has begun and has asked the citizens for taking part in the event. The marathon would be happening on January 12 in the morning at 9 a.m.

While addressing a press conference, the commissioner said that the event would be assisting in encouraging peace and in creating a sports-loving city image of Karachi.

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