New UK Immigration System to be Implemented in Jan 2021

New UK Immigration System

The United Kingdom’s Minister for Future Borders and Immigration-Kevin Foster said that from the 1st of Jan 2021 they would be implementing a new UK immigration system which would be welcoming people to the United Kingdom, who want to work and study based on what they have to offer rather than based on the origin of their passports.

As per the shared details, he said “For Pakistani citizens, if they want to come to work in the UK, all they will need to demonstrate is they have a job offer from an approved sponsor, the job offer is at the required skill and salary levels, plus prove they can speak English. Our new system will take into account a broader range of skills compared to our current visa system for non-European Economic Area [EEA] nationals,”

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There is also good news for students here, who would like to study in the UK. The new points-based immigration system, similarly, is also applicable to them. International students play a significant role in making important contributions both academically and economically to the UK now that the country has left the European Union.

“Students applying to come to one of our amazing institutions to study through the new student route will need to demonstrate they have an offer from an approved educational institution, speak English, and are able to support themselves during their studies in the UK.

“We are also making it easier for international graduates of UK higher education institutions to get skilled jobs in the UK and contribute to the UK’s economic growth with our new graduate visa,” the minister informed.

“The student route has streamlined and simplified the requirements of the previous Tier 4 visa route and the application process for international students studying in the UK, while significantly improving on our offer in the global marketplace.”

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