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New Transport Service for Female Travellers to Start in Twin Cities

new transport service for female travellers

A new transport service for female travellers is to start in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The new service is dubbed as “She’Kab” has been introduced in the twin cities. The launch of this new transportation service is in a bid to provide benefit to the female travellers for their accessibility, safety and affordability.

An official of She’Kab—Hira Batool Rizvi said that women who travel locally between the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad lack a transportation service that is both affordable and safe. The provision of services is an important bottleneck in the success of an average working woman. She added that as a solution they have started a transportation service for women.

She further said that they have initiated the transport service back in the year 2015, with male drivers but later they switched on hiring female drivers for the ease and facility of the female commuters.

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Batool Rizvi further informed that the services of She’Kab cover the various routes which include Wah Cant to Islamabad and DHA to Islamabad.

The monthly charges of the service are extremely low beginning from rupees five thousand five hundred (Rs 5,500) to rupees eight thousand (Rs 8,000), depending on the routes. She also added that the ride is shared with a minimum of four other women to a drop-off location in the same area.

She’Kab is Pakistan’s first ever shared taxi service for women. Its mission is to facilitate the women commuters by providing them with reliable, secure and affordable transportation. The company is focused on directly empowering the working women by taking notice of the transportation issues that are present in Pakistan.

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