New top-level domain .meme is being offered by Google

The tech giant Google is all set to make the most of one of the interesting elements of the internet world, i.e., memes. Yes, you read it right. But you might be wondering what can be done with memes. Well, meme creators, get ready soon you will be able to benefit from this piece of internet culture, which is going to be more fun.

Reportedly, the tech giant Google is turning it into a domain that can be used for a user’s website. Google Registry announced .meme (a new top-level domain) in a blog post. According to Google, .meme is designed to facilitate self-expression and idea sharing. Ten partners have apparently already adopted .meme for their websites, and the new domain is expected to go live this week.

Know Your Meme ( and, 10PM Curfew ( and, Rudy Willingham (, (, Cat.Meme (, Nyan Cat (, Tenor ( and, Grumpy Cat (, Keyboard Cat (, and License.Meme ( are the current partners.

The domain is presently being used by 13 new websites from Google’s partners. All 13 websites, as one might expect, are focused on content that may be shared like memes. The registration for a new domain is now open under our Early Access Period (EAP) for an additional one-time fee, according to Google. Visit to check the names of available domains. Reportedly, the fee has been discounted and will be valid until December 5.

Alternatively, you can wait until December 5th, when .meme domains go for sale to the general public. As of right now, the internet giant says that your preferred registrant will determine the base annual fee. Registrars like GoDaddy, MrDomain,,, and others are included in this.

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