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New Sri Lankan President Trained in NUST MCS in 1972

Sri Lankan President

The new Sri Lankan President was trained in NUST MCS in 1972.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa—the new Sri Lankan President is a retired military officer. He assumed the office on the November 18th after he successfully won the elections and has vowed to make the national security his topmost priority.

The interesting thing about the 70-year old leader is that he is an alumnus of the Military College of Signals—MCS, which now comes under the National University of Science & Technology—NUST.

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He received his training under the Signal Young Officers Course for a span of 3 months in the year 1972 at MCS in Rawalpindi. NUST has taken to the social media handle of the university to congratulate Rajapaksa on his success in the elections.

The experts are of the belief that the ex-Lieutenant Colonel’s hiring as the President of Sri Lanka goes well with Pakistan especially after he made the announcement of adopting a neutral foreign policy.

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