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New Samsung Wireless Charger Sterilizes Phone With UV Rays

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Samsung has officially put on sale a new wireless charger, or rather a wireless charging box, which allows you to sterilize your smartphone as well as your everyday accessories such as the Galaxy Buds with the help of UV rays.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world’s population to take new health and safety measures. Although these are not yet fully observed in each country, a majority of people are now taking more precautions when going outside. Washing your hands and respecting social distancing is a great thing, but there is much more you could do. According to several scientific studies, your smartphone is most likely the “dirtiest” object you have. Samsung has therefore found the solution to combine hygiene and practicality without using antibacterial wipes.

Samsung case kills 99% of bacteria in 10 minutes

Since the beginning of the health crisis, several brands have launched portable boxes on the market which allow disinfecting everyday objects: keys, credit cards, smartphone, etc. This is for example the case of Zagg which has just announced a new UV housing technology compatible with Qi wireless charging.

The new case launched by Samsung is called the “ITFIT UV Sterilizer”. It is not an official design of the South Korean giant, but a partnership with the ITFIT brand. The case can sterilize any type of object, as long as there is space. Samsung also specifies that it is large enough for the S20 Ultra. The ITFIT UV Sterilizer also offers wireless charging for compatible devices. Finally, Samsung has not clearly specified whether the box is capable of eliminating SARS-CoV-2, but it ”  kills up to 99% of bacteria in 10 minutes  “. For now, the wireless charger is only sold on the Samsung Thailand site for around $50.

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