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New Punjab Club Awarded with The Michelin Honour

New Punjab Club

First Pakistani Restaurant New Punjab Club Awarded Michelin Star

The New Punjab Club has been awarded the Michelin Honour. It is the world’s first Pakistani restaurant to be chosen for the Michelin star. It is co-projected by Syed Asim Hussain and is part of the Hong Kong-based Black Sheep restaurants.

The group has also been given a star for its new Pakistani restaurant BELON. With the making of this restaurant Syed Hussain would become the youngest restauranteur in the world at just the age of thirty-three to hold 2 Michelin stars.

Regarding the award, Hussain commented that for the New Punjab Club to be recognized just after eighteen months and for the cuisine which is a traditional Punjabi is definitely an amazing achievement and honour for the team. However, to be acknowledged for something that is so personal to oneself, one that lifts just not the cuisine but also the community, could not make one more prouder of this achievement.

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The New Punjab Club celebrates the post-colonial liberation of the sub categorized region of Punjab. Hussain takes the restaurants as an artform in themselves however is a lover of all the arts, choosing all of the works within New Punjab Club which houses the biggest restaurant collection of the conventional art of Pakistan in the region.

The artwork of the restaurant is also very personal to Hussain and serves to tell the story of the restaurant to the guests every night.

Palash Mitra—the Executive Chef of the South Asian Cuisine for the Black Sheep Restaurants, supervises the kitchen and is as flamboyant as the restaurant itself. Mitra has formed a menu of scrumptious dishes that are unique and are centred around 2 smoky tandoor ovens.

The Black Sheep Restaurants began its journey in the year 2012 at that time it had no big aspirations other than of bringing culinary flavours and taste of the world to its neighbourhood of SoHo in Hong Kong.

The chain was started with just one restaurant, but now it has got 21 restaurants on its portfolio, and it appears that there is no stopping to its expansion and advancement.

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