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New Process Makes Dirty Water Drinkable in a Single Step

Dirty water/filthy water is a growing concern worldwide. A major portion of the population of the world is facing the issue of dirty water leading to many deaths. To counter this, researchers have devised a technique that purifies water in just a single step no matter how dirty the water is.

Scientists from CSIRO—an Australian research organization created a technique via a graphene film that is provided with microscopic nano-channels that blocks the pollutants and permits the water to pass through it smoothly, this process is called “Graphair” by the scientists. The process proved so effective that the water samples from the Sydney Harbour after being treated via this process were declared safe to drink.

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In comparison to other water filtration techniques available this process is much simpler, cheaper, faster and more environment-friendly.

As per the reports of Engadget approximately 2.1 billion people of the world do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. This process would bring a huge effect on people and would bring a breakthrough in the field of water filtration.

Dr Dong Han Seo—the lead author said that for the execution of the process all one need is heat, graphene, a small water pump and a membrane filter. He added that they would be starting the field trials in the developing nations next year.

Dr Seo informed that the team is presently looking for industry partners for scaling up their developed technology.

The team of researchers is also working on other applications for Graphair which includes seawater and industrial sewage filtration according to the Science Alert.

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