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New Islamabad International Airport is Not Opening on April 20th – Delayed Again

The new Islamabad International Airport opening has been delayed again. Just as we were approaching the opening date of the new airport the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced another delay. The new flight schedule was announced for Friday, everything was being prepared for flight landings on April 20th on the New Islamabad Airport but once again there has been another delay.

Now the New Islamabad International Airport will open on May 3rd, 2018. Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmed is not satisfied with the equipment testing and system. He wants more tests and trials on the airport till he is completely satisfied.

It was earlier thought that the new airport will be functional by April 20th but now it will not. Before this, it was reported that airport will open on April 20th but the inauguration will be on May 1st, due to the unavailability of the Prime Minister, but now the whole opening and inauguration of the airport has been delayed.

As per the spokesperson of Mr. Mehtab, “The state-of-the-art system and equipment need to be tested and trialed further to bring it to the level of international standards. The opening of the new airport was rescheduled to do more tests and trials in order to improve reliability and efficiency of systems.”

CAA headquarters issued a new statement saying “the airport will be operational on May 3, 2018”.

So just at the last minute, two days before the launch of new Airport, it has been delayed. Nadir Shafi Dar, CAA’s director planning, and Syed Aamir Mehmood, director media coordination of the CAA made this announcement of rescheduling at a press briefing.

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Mr. Mehmood said, “The new airport will become the country’s hub and boost its business and economy. It is expected to provide multiple direct and indirect jobs and reap enormous economic benefits for the country.”