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New Islamabad International Airport flooded with one single rain [Video]

So-called state-of-the-art new Islamabad international airport has appeared to be flooded and became a water pool with just one single rain in Islamabad on Tuesday afternoon.

The weather in Islamabad and Rawalpindi was quite hot for the last couple of weeks, but the week started on Monday was record high with ground temperatures touching 44/45 degree Celsius.

After Tuesday afternoon the sun started to disappear in the clouds after which a strong wind from northern side was blown along with thunderstorm and heavy rain. The wind, thunderstorm, heavy rain all brought down the temperature on the ground but up the water levels in the new Islamabad International airport surprisingly.

This was the airport being built for the last 13 years and it was classed as “state-of-the-art” airport by the previous government officials of PMLN.

Soon after the rain started the roof of the airport started dripping from various points, the water was flooded in many compartments and areas including HR, the briefing area, lounge and public areas where it cannot be easily or immediately drained. The furniture and other amenities were exposed to water damage.

Passengers also faced difficulties in finding a place where their luggage and they would be safe from getting wet. The New Islamabad Airport was inaugurated a few weeks ago after spending Rs500 billion, by the PM Shahid Khakan Abassi—Dunya News reported.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was responsible for managing and constructing the Airport.

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