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New Islamabad Airport has No Name – PM Rejects all three Proposed Names

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi rejected all three names that were proposed to him for new Islamabad International Airport. Thus the matter has been left unsolved.

In a recent federal cabinet meeting, three names were suggested to the prime minister by his colleagues for the New Islamabad International Airport but Shahid Khaqan Abbasi refused all the names “without giving any specific justification”. The three names suggested were Liaquat Ali Khan, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, and Gandhara. Gandhara is the land and the civilization that existed in northern Pakistan and Potohar plateau.

A ministerial committee under Hasil Bizenjo suggested the names and there was a huge debate on the name of the issue. Most of the members wanted to name the airport after any of the Pakistan movement personality so that no one ever changes the name later on any political issue.

Out of all three names, there was a complete consensus on Liaquat Ali Khan name. His contribution to Pakistan movement was the reason almost all cabinet members wanted the Islamabad Airport to be named after Liaquat Ali Khan.

A federal minister said, “There were very strong arguments in support of Liaquat Ali Khan’s name, but it seems that the prime minister had come with a prepared mind.”

CAA officials told the cabinet members that while talking to domestic & foreign organizations, they have been using Islamabad International Airport name.

PPP, however, wanted the airport to be named after Benazir Bhutto, as it is the name of the current Islamabad airport.

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So the New Islamabad Airport has no name as it seems that PML-N government is unwilling to accept any name. Whatever may be the reason, but on the ground, the situation is that the new airport is set to be inaugurated on May 3rd, as it remains nameless.