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New Interview of Yasir Hussain Pissed People to Another Level

Yasir Hussain

The most recent interview of Yasir Hussain has pissed people to another level.

In the new interview, he has made remarks about women. Women think he is being weird now. Every now and then he comes up with something offensive.

He said that people usually have someone in mind when it comes to getting married but let’s see.

He was initially hesitant to reveal that who he is going to marry but later said that I am confident about who I would be getting married to but maybe she is not confident on the matter.

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The actor said that the type of comedy they have seen is of the great actors and legends like Moin Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood and Umar Sharif. He said that if one sees their shows, one would feel that they were all racist however that is not the case.

He also said that the Oscar award ceremony has also witnessed such kind of comedy it is just that we as a nation cannot take it.

The well-spoken and blunt actor said that they could wear backless at award shows however could not take Oscar level jokes.

People are pondering that how is the backless related joke is linked to comedy.

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