New Huawei Tablet QIS-Touch with LTE gets FCC certification

Huawei T5

Huawei has been facing many difficulties in selling its products in Europe and especially in the US but still, the company has managed to sell some of its products in the regions. US also started a campaign to ban Huawei in the previous week, recently, China also imposed ban on the sales of iPhones in the country.

Despite thetrade wars, Huawei has been developing products that could be sold in Europe and the US, over the weekend it has been reported that Huawei got FCC certification for its touch tablet which is likely to be launched in the comingdays.

RS-Tech managed to get hands on the details of FCC filing, according to the documents, the tablet ID is QIS-Touch, the first part of the ID relates to Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd—QIS (China) however, the latter part is created by the applicant itself, the word touch makes it Touch pad most probably.

Since the FCC filing doesn’t provide many details about the product itself but we havesome product images that provide us a good idea about the design.

The Huawei Touch Tablet is about 10-inches with Huawei branding at the bottom of the display on the edge, the images show the front camera at the top bezel and the rear camera is housed on one corner of the rear. The documents also indicate that the tablet has the cellular capabilities, means you may be able to use the SIM card in the tablet.

Now we can speculate a bit about the current portfolio of Huawei tablets, the HuaweiMediaPad T5, unlike the other tablets, has the branding at the bottom whereas other tablets have fingerprint scanner. The design and camera placement of this device matches MediaPad T5, also the alleged predecessor has the cellular capabilities which indicate that this device would be a successor of MediaPadT5.

The Huawei MediaPad T5 was announced in October sporting 10.1-inch Full HD IPS display with 1920×1200 pixels of resolution. TheMediaPad T5 had stereo speakers with Huawei Histen 5.0 sound technology. The tablet had Kirin 659 Soc under the hood with 3GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB model options, the tablets were priced at $200 and $230 respectively.

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