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New Helmet Policy Made People Furious

new helmet policy

The new helmet policy introduced by the traffic managers has aroused anger in people and is being criticised widely as people are demanding its immediate withdrawal.

City traffic police announced the helmet policy and made helmet mandatory for the bikers and pillion riders including women and children.

The policy would be implemented from the 1st of November, however, the public showed serious concerns over the policy and termed it unreasonable.

One of the motorcyclists while conversing with local media said that this policy is nothing but just to target the jobless, underprivileged and middle-class people in the name of safety. He further said that no action would be taken against the ones who have cars and who run them wildly on roads without even caring for the lanes.

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Another family riding on a bike said that the warden has informed them about the strict use of helmet, but they cannot afford to buy if for every bike rider as the helmet is available for fifteen hundred rupees to two thousand rupees and they are already dying from inflation.

With the new policy of the city government, the helmet prices have surged and is out of people’s purchasing power. A normal helmet is available against rupees sixteen hundred to eighteen hundred rupees while a quality helmet is not less than twenty-five hundred rupees to three thousand rupees.

Syed Hammad Raza—city traffic police spokesperson said that the traffic police were all ready to implement the helmet policy for all the bikers and pillion riders from the 1st of November. He said that the policy would be a unified one throughout the city and not just restricted to The Mall.

He further said that the policy has been announced for the safety of the public and also said that work is being done to provide safeguard to the public from getting road injuries.

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