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New Helmet Law for All Motorcyclists & Passengers in Islamabad- Implementation Starts Tomorrow

Islamabad is to become the first city in Pakistan to enforce the use of helmets for all motorbike travelers including those riding pillion.

A campaign was conducted for a month to aware motorcyclists on the utmost importance of wearing helmets. Now after the awareness, the implementation of new laws will begin from tomorrow.

So an announcement has been made by Islamabad Traffic Police that from Wednesday all those riding on motorbikes be it women and children riding pillion would have to wear helmets. If they will not, they will be charged just like the motorbike rider.

The challenging part here is that currently, not even all motorbike riders wear a helmet. Now they have to ensure that the passengers wear a helmet as well. Also, many policemen don’t follow the rule either.

SSP-Traffic Malik Matloob avoided the questions about how he will ensure implementation of the law when officers themselves disobey the law. Though he made this clear that all traffic police officers riding on the motorbike will wear helmets no matter what.

Matloob said, “Motorbike pillion riders are as vulnerable to head injuries and their lives are as important as the riders are. This is why we are enforcing the use of helmets for pillion riders too.”

The importance of safety of everyone riding on the bike was emphasized by Matloob.

For a month training, awareness and education have been given to the public about new rules. Moreover, 300 helmets are given to commuters as provided by the sponsors.

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This is also made clear by Matloob that if a pillion rider will not wear a helmet, motorcycle rider will be penalized for it. Those people who hitch a ride on bikes, be it, policemen or common people, they should have a helmet with them from now on.

The fine for not wearing a helmet is Rs 100 which will be given by both rider and pillion if the pillion is not wearing a helmet.

Motorbike showrooms are requested to provide two helmets with every bike sold from now on in the city to encourage and boost people is wearing it.