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New Gwadar Airport will be the biggest airport of Pakistan

Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Dostain Khan Jamaldini said that the work on new Gwadar airport will start soon. The company that has been nominated by China for the development of mega Gwadar airport has got the clearance for financing & execution of the project. Once the implementation phase starts, Gwadar will become the hub of international trade in Pakistan. While briefing the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee on Planning, Development, and Reform, Jamaldini disclosed this news relating to the development of new Gwadar International Airport.

Furthermore, the China Airport Construction Group Engineering Company’s representative Jianxin Liao informed a journalist that the New International Airport in Gwadar will be the biggest airport of Pakistan. It will be situated on 4,300 acres. In comparison to other airports of Pakistan like Karachi airport which is developed on 3,700 acres, new Islamabad International Airport on 3,600 acres, Lahore Airport on 2800 acres, new Gwadar Airport will be the biggest airport in terms of its area.

In January 2018, the soil testing was being done on the land. 90 boreholes out of 300 were completed and it was anticipated that in April the design of the airport will be finalized.

We found a picture on Twitter displaying the design of the New Gwadar Airport which has been finalized.

Coming to the cost of the airport as per Jianxin Liao, “The expected cost of the project is around $ 2billion however it could vary and it will be finalized after completion of testing and the design phase.”

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We have seen in the past how a cost is decided for a project and then it is increased by a huge amount when the development phase starts like in the case of New Islamabad International Airport. The cost was increased of the airport, the dates for the launch got delayed but now finally the airport will inaugurate on 20th April 2018.