New Fuel Prices to Come in Effect from Jan 16th

The fuel prices have increased after PM’s approval and will be in effect from January 16th, 2021.

After PM’s final approval, the federal government has issued the new prices of petroleum products. The ne2w prices will come into effect from January 16th.

According to source, these new prices will be applicable till the end of this month. After which it may increase further.

This decision to increase the petrol-product prices is made after the suggestion from OGRA. The oil department earlier suggested increasing prices by PKR 11.95 per litre (the maximum increase).

However, the PM did not allow such an increase. The new prices according to the source are:

ProductPrevious PriceChange in PriceCurrent Price
PetrolRs. 106Rs. 3.20Rs. 109.20
DieselRs. 110.24Rs. 2.95Rs. 113.19
KeroseneRs. 73.65Rs. 3.00Rs. 76.65
Light DieselRs. 71.81Rs. 4.42Rs. 76.23

Same incident happened last year when OGRA suggested to increase prices by Rs. 10.68 (the max. limit) but the PM approved an increase of Rs. 2.31 per litre, only.

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