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New Bus Service Launched That Connects Pakistan to China

new bus service

A new bus service has been launched that connects Pakistan to China via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The service is managed and operated by NSTN and is ideal for anyone who wishes to travel to the neighbouring country at cheaper rates.

The bus would start its operations in Pakistan from the 3rd of November with the bus taking passengers to China on a thirty-hour long trip.

The bus would be travelling exclusively from Lahore on Saturdays—Sundays—Mondays and Tuesdays only.

The service provides many facilities for all of its passengers via large and modern luxurious buses, making sure that a comfortable journey is provided to all the commuters.

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The offered services on the bus include breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshment services like snacks, tea, and cold drinks. Wi-Fi would also be provided throughout the entire journey, making the travelling an ideal journey for businessmen.

The complete bus schedule, bus service details and pricing of its tickets are provided as follows:

The departing time for Day 1 from Lahore would be 12:00 am and the arrival time at Tashkugran County would be around 3:00 pm the next day that is Day 2.

The quantity of luggage allowed to be carried is 20Kg with a maximum of two pieces of luggage per person. The extra weight would be charged separately.

For travelling via this newly launched bus service one would need to have CNIC, Passport, Valid Visa and Original invitation from China.

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