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New Broad-Based ‘Pakistan News Media Association’ Formed

The new broad-based ‘Pakistan News Media Association (PNMA)’ has been formed. It has been announced that Zia Shahid will be the chairman of the organizing committee. The aim of the committee is to develop a constitution for the PNMA and to complete the membership process in three months’ time.

Zia Shahid revealed that television hosts, editors, digital media representatives, columnists, writers, intellectuals and advertisers will be part of the PNMA.

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A meeting was held at the Avari Hotel in Lahore which was attended by many people from newspapers, tv, radio and digital media. The decision was announced to develop the Pakistan News Media Association.

A memorandum approved at the time of the development of PNMA said that the role of media is undeniable in constructing social, economic and political realities. Further adding that an independent functional media is a necessity of the society. The formation of PNMA aims to ensure that coordination among people working in different sectors of media is smooth.  

With the advent of modern technology in media, new trends and innovations, it is the need of the hour to establish a platform the completely and unanimously represent the Pakistani media as a whole.

PNMA will grant equal status to all members of the media belonging from any strata. The organizing committee of the platform will be headed by Zia Shahid and 35 members will be part of it.