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New Apple Siri Remote Comes Without Acceleration Sensor And Gyroscope

Apple Siri Remote

Apple this week released a new Apple TV 4K, as well as a redesigned Siri remote. The new Siri remote has a new power button, a mute button, and a change in the position of the Siri button, but there is another unnoticeable change.

How The Absence Of Acceleration Sensor And Gyroscope Impacts

The new Siri remote has no acceleration sensor and gyroscope. The original Siri remote has an acceleration sensor and gyroscope, which can be used as a gamepad. Apple even requires tvOS games to support Siri remote control, but after June 2016, it is no longer required.

Due to the lack of acceleration sensors and gyroscopes, the new Siri remote is not compatible with some Apple TV games. Users need to connect the original Siri remote or use an Apple-certified gamepad.

When opening a game that is not compatible with the new Siri remote control, you will be prompted to connect the first-generation Apple TV remote control or a compatible PS, Xbox, or MFi controller.

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