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New Alto to have 800cc Mehran Engine

The end of Suzuki Mehran era is just around the corner. For 30 years, Pakistanis had just one affordable, reliable and perfect car for the middle class population of Pakistan, Pak Suzuki Mehran. Now as per the reports and rumors, Pak Suzuki might soon end production of Suzuki Mehran and replace it will Alto.

We are not sure what name will be given to this new car. Whether it will go by Mehran name or Alto is yet to be seen.

The news that is heard as per PakWheels is that Pak Suzuki Mehran’s engine will be transplanted to the new Alto. So Alto will have a 796cc engine instead of a 660cc engine. Other than this the new Alto might have a 5-speed manual. Automatic transmission possibility currently is nill.

Also, it is heard that Pak Suzuki has assembled few units of this new car. The approximate amount is 50 units. The units are manufactured for different kinds of testing. Once the testing is complete Pak Suzuki will hopefully soon launch the new car

Those of you who are disappointed that Pak Suzuki is ending production of Suzuki Mehran, the silver lining is that the essence of Mehran will remain alive in the new car. With the new shape, new design and a new name, the car will still have the same engine as of Suzuki Mehran.

Pak Suzuki has not made an official announcement yet, about the car, its engine, its design and its release date, so we have to rely on leaked information as of now.

Recently Pak Suzuki increased prices of its vehicles in light of rupee depreciation against the dollar. The revised prices were: Mehran VX from 6.79 lac to 6.89 lac, Mehran VXR from 7.32 lac to 7.42 lac, Bolan from 7.54 lac to 7.64 lac, Ravi from 6.72 lac to 7.06 lac, Bolan Cargo from 7.20 lac to 7.30 lac, WagonR VXR from 10.54 lac to 10.74 lac, and WagonR VXL from 10.94 lac to 11. 14 lac.

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