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New Airline Seats Introduced for the Economy Class Passengers

New Airline Seats

Seats have been upgraded in the economy class of the airline. The seats have become more comfortable just like the ones in business class.

Earlier before people were using their sweaters in place of pillows to make themselves relaxed. Luke Miles, one passenger one day travelled in economy class and was very uncomfortable during the whole journey. He then decided to make a change for the passengers travelling in economy class and designed a seat called Interspace which is much more ergonomic and comfortable.

He is the chief creative officer and founder of New Territory, an independent lab which finds better ways of living, moving and working.
Luke says that he saw many people in the economic class sitting uncomfortably and finding different ways out to make themselves feel comfortable by stuffing cushions between the seats or by the sidewall to create support.

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He further added that during his journey he did not sleep for a single moment and kept noticing and this motivated him to make changes in the air travel.

He designed Interspace in a way that its back splits up into 2 leaves. And each leaf has a hidden panel that folds to make a sidewall attached to the armrest. This way each seat turns into a personal cubicle which will make passengers feel comfortable and cosy.

Mostly the elements used in the airlines are hard but the Interspace is made up of soft fabric. The design of Interspace is quiet ergonomic beneficial. It allows the passengers to sleep just like they would sleep at their homes.
For now, the seats are available for premium economy class for a time being but it will roll out for the economy class soon.

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