Netherlands Is Launching A Technology Program In Pakistan

10 experts from Netherlands are coming to Pakistan to launch a sponsored technology program. The 10 experts have knowledge and experience in modern technology.

The news is confirmed by Netherlands Policy Officer on economic affairs Mr. Umair Ahmed. He told this new development to Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi President Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ahmed emphasized the importance of trade between the two countries in agriculture, textiles, and poultry. He further informed that Netherlands is the fourth biggest investor in Pakistan.

The exports items to Pakistan by Netherlands include oil and oil products, industrial and agricultural machinery, and chemicals. Pakistan export item to Netherland include textiles, woven fabrics, linen and agricultural products.

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Roomi highlighted the opportunities that lie for Dutch companies in Pakistan. He said that the companies should explore cattle, dairy farming beef, chicken processing, energy and IT industry in Pakistan.