Netflix is working on an interactive Bear Grylls experience

Bear Grylls

Netflix is squandering no time capitalizing from the accomplishment of its pick your-own-adventure experiment regarding Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The organization reported today that it as of now has another user-controlled experience underway that will place watchers responsible for a Bear Grylls experience. The eight episodes series called You versus Wild, will be accessible to stream beginning April tenth.

In a fitting introduction to the show, Netflix dropped an interactive Bear Grylls trailer on YouTube that requests that watchers pick up or dismiss a call from Grylls. In case you’re willing to heed to the call, you’re welcome to direct the survivalist through eight unique stories. It’s an extraordinary method to encounter his regularly high-stakes experiences, however, it’s uncertain from the sneak peeks exactly how much inconvenience you can get Bear Grylls into. Chances are there will be fewer endings bringing about death than there are in Bandersnatch.

You versus Wild was likely underway well before Bandersnatch assumed control over the web, however, the prevalence of the choose your-own-experience story set operating in Black Mirror universe has opened up another kind of content avenue for Netflix to seek after. The organization has had accomplishment with interactive shows for kids before and may begin creating additionally programming with comparable components. In the case of nothing else, it’s giving the organization an entire abundance of new information to gather from its users.

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