Netflix DVD renters should expect a surprise via mail


People who still order DVDs from Netflix were informed that they will no longer be available starting in September. As everything comes to an end, it appears that the major streaming service wants to send its users a farewell gift. TechRadar claims that Netflix will provide many Finale Disc DVDs to its DVD users.

If you continue to receive DVDs from Netflix and missed the news, here is a summary. A few months ago, Netflix made the decision to stop selling DVDs. You still have more than a month to order DVDs because the last day to do so is September 29. In case you decide to borrow DVDs at the last minute, you can return the discs by October 27.

Netflix announced Finale disk

This is a little perplexing. On September 29th, it appears that Netflix will deliver its subscribers a batch of up to 10 DVDs. What kinds of DVDs will be available were not disclosed by the corporation. We are unsure if they will be tailored to the kinds of DVDs the user typically obtains. Perhaps Netflix will let you keep DVDs that you have already rented from them. That is just conjecture.

Another possibility is that Netflix is simply getting rid of extra DVDs it no longer needs. There would be no point in storing them since it wouldn’t be sending them out any longer.

If you need to return those DVDs or not, that’s one thing we don’t know. It doesn’t appear probable. TechRadar requested a response from Netflix, but the firm has not yet done so.

In any event, the era of DVDs being delivered is coming to an end. Just be aware that if you get DVDs delivered to your home, you may want to consider other options. A 26-year-old company is being shut down by Netflix. When it was enjoyable, it was.