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Nestle Introduces New Sugarless Chocolate

new sugarless chocolate

Nestle introduces new sugarless chocolate.

Nestle has manufactured the entirely new chocolate from the cocoa fruit, incorporating the use of beans and pulp as the only ingredients and not adding any fine or refined sugar.

As per the reports of Bloomberg, Nestle is using cocoa leftovers for sweetening the dark chocolate.

The method adopted could reduce the amount of sugar by up to 40percent.

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So far, chocolates have been manufactured with the addition of refined sugars. This new innovation is said to give a “great-tasting chocolate” just by using the cocoa fruit.

The first product introducing the innovation would be a 70percent dark chocolate KitKat bar, which would be going on sale in Japan later this year.

More products in other nations would follow suit, via the company’s most famous confectionery brands.

Patrice Bula—the Head of Strategic Business Units, Marketing and Sale at Nestle said that they are proud of bringing chocolate lovers new chocolate made completely from the cocoa fruit without the addition of refined sugar.

Earlier Nestle became the first firm ever to sell a product made from ruby chocolate after it introduced a ruby version of its KitKat bars in South Korea and Japan.

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