NEPRA Increases Power Tariff Under Fuel Adjustment For August And September

power tariff

ISLAMABAD: Under fuel adjustment charges, electricity tariffs have been increased by 95 paise per unit for the current month and Rs 1.09 per unit for the next month. However, the new tariff will not be applicable to lifeline customers.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has announced changes in the approved tariffs for all power distribution companies due to various changes in fuel charges from November 2019 to June 2020.

The Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) calculation delayed the electricity regulator’s decision, which helped consumers and led to only a limited increase in electricity rates in August and September.

Due to the deliberate efforts of the concerned authorities and the lockdown and limited working hours during the last several months due to the Covid 19 epidemic, the matter was partially delayed.

The notification issued by NEPRA showed that fuel cost was higher during December 2019 when FCA calculated Rs 1.87 per unit, it increased had to Rs 1.11 per unit in January 2020 and in February 2020 the tax has gone up to Rs 1.2.

A senior official of the regulatory body said that the notification of fuel adjustment was deliberately delayed from November 2019 to January 2020 to curb the abnormal rise in electricity rates.

He said it was expected that oil prices would fall in the international market, so the impact on consumers would eventually be less.

The FCA for January, February, March, and May 2020 will be charged on electricity bills in the month of August which will be Rs. 0.95 per unit. Fuel Adjustment Charges for the months of November and December 2019 and April and June 2020 will be charged in September 2020 to consumer Bills amounting to Rs. 1.09 per unit. FCA Lifeline will apply to all categories of customers except users.

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