NEPRA imposed Rs4 million fine on IESCO

The Electricity and power regulator NEPRA on Tuesday has imposed Rs4 million fine on Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) for not complying with performance standards.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Tuesday issued a statement in which the organization said IESCO has been failed to maintain authorized voltage levels and supply of electricity connections within the given time frame, the regulator has also blamed the company for cooking figures regarding the number of interruptions and complaints and their durations.

NEPRA team visited IESCO last year in order to evaluate the performance of the company, the data submitted in an annual performance report and conducted consumer surveys. The team after evaluation submitted a report indicating IESCO’s poor performance and the key indicators to improve the performance benchmark.

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After the submission of the report, NEPRA decided to take legal action against the company, the regulator provided the company with adequate chances of hearing and finally passed the order on October 18.

IESCO was charged with more than 14 hours of unscheduled electricity outage in various parts of its operating area during May and June 2017. The unscheduled power outages were due to faulty and inefficient transmission systems causing voltage fluctuations.

Household appliances were damaged at large scale due to voltage fluctuations in some areas, NEPRA also said the electricity connection applications were also pending for the last 6 months regardless of payments.

IESCO was unable to defend its position with reasonable justification, therefore, NEPRA imposed Rs4 million fine on IESCO for not meeting the standards and manipulating the data in FY2017.

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