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NEPRA Dismisses Decision to Increase Power Tariff

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NEPRA has dismissed a request from the CPPA to increasing the power tariff in the country by 98 paisas, as per the reports of local media.

The Central Power Purchasing Authority officials should debate with solid reasons for increasing the electricity tariff, as said by the chairman of NEPRA while he dismissed the matter.

The hearing session was held today at NEPRA for deciding over the monthly fuel adjustment and any for any reforms in the prices of electricity.

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As per the reports, the overall production of electricity during November stood at over 7 billion units, costing nearly Rs.25 billion to the power-producing firms.

The report further revealed that 39 per cent electricity was produced from the hydel power sources, 27.3 per cent from the coal power, 11.5 per cent from the nuclear power sources, 9.3 per cent from gas and 9.2 per cent from the imported LNG.

On the 26th of December 2019, NEPRA on Thursday gave approval to a Rs.1.56 per unit surge in the power tariff on account of the fuel cost adjustment of electricity consumed in the month of October.

The power regulatory authority gave its approval after hearing a request by the CPPA that asked for a surge of Rs.1.73 in the power tariff rates.

The hike in the electricity prices would put an extra load of Rs.14.50 billion on the power consumers.

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