NEPRA Advises To Administrative Control of K-Electric amid at Massive Load shedding in Karachi – Research Snipers

NEPRA Advises To Administrative Control of K-Electric amid at Massive Load shedding in Karachi

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has recommended heavy fine on K-Electric because of massive and unscheduled load shedding in Karachi.

NEPRA has blamed KE for prolonged load shedding in Karachi and said only KE is solely responsible for the power outages in Karachi. NEPRA authorities before the National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat reveled this and recommended imposing heavy fines on the company.

Roughly, Rs10 billion monthly bills are paid by the customers in Karachi yet they do not receive uninterrupted power supply for their home and businesses, people in Karachi currently face more than 12 hours of load shedding, said Nepra official during the meeting.

The committee was also informed that Rs6 million fine has been imposed on KE during the last one year, according to Nepra officials KE has shut the production unit of 180-megawatt capacity for the last five months. KE is suffering a shortfall of 600MW while it has 17,500MW in the grid.

Nepra informed Committee that KE neither closed a deal of RLNG with any company nor it has signed a deal with SSGC for 220mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) gas supply.

The Nepra officials also recommended taking over the administrative control of KE during the briefing, stressing on the company to run the power plants on furnace oil and sign a contract with SSGC for gas supply—Sama reported.

On Tuesday, Nepra found that K-Electric is mismanaging the company and it is responsible for ongoing electricity crisis in Karachi, Nepra asked the government to increase KE’s gas supply quota in order to bring people out of this suffering.

Nepra investigation committee holds KE fully responsible for creating electricity crisis after their 3-day visit to Karachi and said the company has violated its responsibilities and not delivering the full capacity of power generation.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Chinese Shanghai Electric is ready to buy K electric, due to some PSX regulations the deal couldn’t be finalized but in the coming days, Shanghai Electric might announce buying K-electric.