Neon bike

In recent times quite a few bike manufacturers have launched many electric bikes in Pakistan. Neon is a Pakistan-based bike manufacturer that has launched 4 bike models in Pakistan. M3, one of the 4 bike models is a sporty looking all electric bike.

Neon launches M3 All Electric Bike in Pakistan

Neon M3

Specifications of Neon M3 bike

It is powered by a 2000 watt motor offering a performance of 85kmph. The maximum speed of Neon M3 is around 90kmph.

The bike is fully automatic, there is neither the requirement for engine oil or spark plugs. It depends upon battery range and charging for enhanced performance. You will find the charger in the bike’s tank along with a USB port. This allows riders to charge their cell phones on their journey.

The Neon M3 bike has tubeless tires, breaks that are dual piston caliper on the front and the rear. The bike is equipped with a digital instrumental cluster gauge in the front.

Neon M3

Coming to the headlights of the bike, M3 is equipped with not just LED headlights but also Day Time Running Lights that help the riders to drive during day and night.

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The bike has a remote keyless system allowing the bikers to access their bike, lock and unlock it remotely. Furthermore, if the biker does not remember to remove the stand before riding the bike inbuilt sires will go off as a warning.

Neon M3

It is claimed that the bike battery is charged just in 6 hours from 0 to 100. As a warning the bike automatically turns off when the battery level reaches below 20%. The battery left is used as a reserve battery to improve the battery life. Once you charge your battery full you can travel up to 50km on it.

Neon M3

The battery price is PKR 4000 and it has an estimated life of 2 to 2.5 years.

Price of Neon M3 Bike

Basic Price is PKR 128000. Presently the company is selling it at Rs. 108000 for promotional purposes.

Neon M3


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