Neon is Launching a New and Improved Electric Bike

Neon bike

Neon is gearing up to launch a new bike variant following the success of its all-electric motorbike M3. Neon is basically a Pak company that imports electric bikes from China.

Now Neon is launching a new and improved electric bike. However, it is waiting for getting clarity from the government regarding its electric bikes and vehicle policy.

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Neon M3 is a 2,000-watt motor-powered, automatic bike. It offers great performance. The details and features of the upcoming Neon bike are not known yet. It is claimed, though, that the bike will offer better performance and comfort in comparison to its previous models.

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The price of M3 at its launch back in August 2018 was Rs 128,000. This means that the price of the new improved electric bike by Neon will be more than Rs 128,000. Furthermore, the M3 can travel up to 50 km on a single charge. It is hoped and anticipated by bike enthusiasts that the yet to be launched electric bike will have an improved range.

We will share more details with our readers, as we get updates. So keep reading for more info.

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