Neelum Valley Bridge Collapsed as the Students were taking a Selfie – Video of the Incident Revealed – Research Snipers

Neelum Valley Bridge Collapsed as the Students were taking a Selfie – Video of the Incident Revealed

A bridge collapsed in Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir. More than 25 tourists fell into the water as the bridge collapsed. 11 were immediately recovered. Mostly the tourists were the students of Lahore Medical & Dental College.

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25 tourist were taking a selfie on the bridge when it collapsed. Since yesterday rescue teams are working tirelessly after the incident. Even now 6 students are missing while 12 have died.

Here is the selfie that the students were taking.

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And then the bridge just collapsed

Here is the video of the Neelum Valley Incident

Now as per sources the bridge cannot withstand more than four persons at one time and there was a warning about it on the side boards but the tourists ignored the warning and stood on the bridge to take the selfie.

Rescue teams are looking for the missing persons. Pakistan Army is helping in the operation but due to the cold weather and the high current of the stream, it is getting difficult to recover the missing persons.
Army Rescue Team at Neelum Valley

Here is what people are saying on Twitter
“Picture from Neelam Valley, Kundal Shahi Antique Bridge Broken due to Overloading. 35 Tourist/Students of Lahore Medical & Dental College fell in to the Neelum River. 4 Died, 5 recovered. Rescue Operation of PakArmy continue. Please pray for them.”

“25 students of Lahore Medical and Dental College died earlier this morning as the bridge collapsed in Neelum Valley Muzafrabad drowning them into the river.”

“The last photo of the students”

 This is really sad and heartbreaking

 Who doesn’t like a good picture captured at an amazing location. But safety comes first. We need to tell our children and educate them that their life is more important than a selfie. All we can do now is to learn from this incident and hope & pray that the missing persons are rescued safely.