Neelam Muneer Pushto Speaking With Ahsan Khan Goes Viral

Neelam Munir

A video of actress Neelam Muneer Khan and Ahsan Khan is going viral on social media in which both are seen speaking Pashto. An interesting video from the set of actress Neelam Muneer Khan and Ahsan Khan’s drama serial “Qiyamat” is going viral.

In the video, it can be seen that Ahsan Khan and Neelam are sitting in a car and the shooting of the play is going on. Meanwhile, a little girl comes and says to Neelam Muneer in Pashto is this (Ahsan Khan) your husband? To which Neelam Muneer gives an interesting response and says O God! And then she puts Dupatta on her face and starts laughing and Ahsan Khan jokingly says yes I am her husband.

Later, Neelam Muneer explains to the girl in Pashto that he is my husband, but only in the drama. It should be noted that Ahsan Khan, Neelam Munir and Amar Khan are working in the drama serial “Qiyamat” these days. From the set of the play, Ahsan Khan often shares funny and interesting videos of the shooting on social media.

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