All You Need To Know About Pakistan General Elections 2018

Pakistan’s has been ruled by three parties in last 70 years. PML-N, PPP & Military.

Remember the game “Passing the pillow”, power has passed like a pillow between these three. So much so that as the current government is of PML-N, more than half of Pakistan’s population would say with utmost surety that the next in power would be PPP.

Let’s start with when is Pakistan General Election 2018 held?

The exact date is not decided but they will be held within 90 days after, June 5th, 2018.

Then comes who are the major players in Elections 2018?

The answer to this would be PMLN in Punjab, PPP in Sindh and PTI on Social Media.

Can we expect fair elections?

Well on paper yes, there are new software’s developed specifically for Nadra and Election Commission of Pakistan to make sure fair and impartial elections are held.

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Practically, with Pakistan politics and the greed for power that lies in our politicians you will be a fool to expect a free, fair, impartial election.

Who can vote?

18 and above, but make sure you have a valid CNIC

Musharraf’s take on 2018 elections

PPP will win, PMLN will form government in Punjab while Musharraf feels there is no hope for Imran Khan, as he has no plan

Imran Khan’s chance in elections 2018

Well let’s hope for a miracle.

How are the parties playing the sympathy card for elections?

PMLN: Starting extravagant projects by taking huge loans, leading the way through CPEC.

PPP: Playing their trump card these days in shape of Bilawal Bhutto

PTI: Disqualifying Prime Minister and highlighting their work in KPK from 1 billion tree Tsunami to improvement in education system of the province.

The opinions may vary related to General Elections 2018 but the point is that every Pakistani should have a point of view about the upcoming elections. Vote for your opinion, because no matter how unfair the system gets, and how cliché it sounds but your vote does make a difference.

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