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NED University to Establish a Campus in Tharparkar

NED University

NED University of Karachi has made the announcement that it would be establishing a new campus in Tharparkar.

As per the announcement, the new university sub-campus would be established at Islamkot, Tharparkar. It would be named “Thar Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology”.

According to an issued notification, the BS programmes would be launched immediately at the temporary space. If further read that the scheme of studies has been given approval already by the Syndicate and is being offered at the “Thar Institute of Engineering Science and Technology”.

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Barrister Murtaza Wahab—the adviser to the chief minister on Sindh on Information, law and anti-corruption while sharing the notification said that the PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on April 10, 2019, made the announcement that the government of Sindh would be establishing a campus of NED University in Thar.

He further added that he is pleased to inform that classes would commence from the upcoming academic year. He also said that it would be another commitment that has been fulfilled by the Sindh government and PPP.

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